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Yard Care Services

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent countless hours and untold dollars establishing your perfect tropical oasis in the desert, and you probably feel like nobody understands you like another plant person. Yellow Boots Yard Care is exactly the partner you need! Whether it’s vacation yard care while you’re out of town, a helping hand with regular maintenance, or a little muscle to get over that next hurdle in your own yard design, give me a call!!

I Care About the Details

I will meet with you to learn your yard care needs prior to your vacation or other yard care need.  I will take notes to ensure that each task is completed as you would do it yourself.

Text Updates

I am happy to send photos of your garden via text so that you can rest assured that you will return to your home garden exactly as you had hoped.

Tree & Plant Care

· Vacation watering 

· Garden rehabilitation 

· Tool organization 

· Foliar feeding and micronutrients

· Regular feeding (mulch, amendments, AZOMITE, granular food, worm castings and fish emulsion/seaweed) 

· Plant and tree installation

· Flood irrigation management

· Shade protection

· Winter protection

· Pruning young trees

· Garden pest control

· Pet care and play time

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Please contact me at your convenience.  I look forward to serving you.

Yellow Boots Yard Care

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